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BookHolderStore Book Holders, Book Covers & Book Lights


BookHolderStore Book Cover/Book Holder

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BookHolderStore Book Lights & Music Lights


BookHolderStore Book Cover/Book Holder, Book Lights and Music Lights

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BookHolderStore Book Cover/Book Holder


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BookHolderStore Book Holders and Music Lights

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OpenPage® Book Holders/Book Covers

OpenPage book holders/book covers are available in a wide range of solid colors, textures and prints, an exciting new picture pocket design, and our newest Premier designs that feature the look and feel of fine, deep-dyed leather at a small fraction of the cost of natural leather.  These spring steel powered covers feature high quality, washable vinyl covers that protect your book and your privacy while bringing you the convenience of hand-free reading.  There's a size to fit just about every one of your paperback or hard cover books, and our new sizes now natively fit the slightly taller "easier to read" formats favored by leading publishers.  Be sure to select each of the sizes that are right for your books.  

OpenPage Book Holders, all three sizes Available Sizes  
(Dimensions given are measured with your book closed.)

  • Standard Size:  Fits books with dimensions up to 4.50" wide x 7.75" high x 1.5" thick. 

  • Trade Size:  Fits larger books up to  6" wide x 9.25" high x 1.5" thick.   

  • Large Size:  For very large paperbacks and standard hard covers up to 8" wide x 10" high x 1.5" thick.   

All our OpenPage book holders/book covers will:

  • provide  hands-free reading; 

  • keep your book securely open; 

  • protect your book from broken spines, dog-eared pages, and ripped covers, even if you drop it;

  • protect your privacy;

  • be perfect to use anywhere, anytime;

  • make page turning easy;

  • provide special aid for those who have difficulty holding a book;

  • be available in designs and sizes to fit most books - paperback or hard cover;

  • be available in styles and colors textures to please every taste;

  • be high in quality and low in price;

  • may be used with any of our book lights;

  • work perfectly with the Fold'N'Stow book stand;

  • be a perfect gift for every book reader; and

  • be beautiful, practical, and made in the USA.

OpenPage® on Fold'N'Stow stand
(sold separately)

CLICK HERE for all OpenPage® book holder designs

Want to Read Books in Low Light? 

Then You want a Clip-on Book Light that:

  • is light weight and sturdy; 

  • folds up compactly and is easy to pack or carry around;

  • will clip to your book, book holder or music stand securely;

  • puts out enough light to comfortably read a whole page...without constantly repositioning the light or its head;

  • has replacement bulbs readily available or uses a long lasting light source that virtually never needs replacing;

  • runs on commonly available throw-away or rechargeable batteries; and

  • has an optional A/C power adapter.

CLICK HERE for all the LED & incandescent designs

Book Lights and Music Lights You can Use Anywhere - Any Time!

No matter where you read, you'll eventually need a handy light that won't disturb your spouse when reading in bed, your dozing seat companion on the airplane, or the musician next to you on stage in a darkened theatre.  When selecting the light that's is right for you, carefully consider durability, the amount of light produced, the size of the light pattern you'll need, and whether or not you have access to A/C power or need battery power.  A good way to check out any light is to take it into a darkened room or closet and try to read your material with it.  Be sure and do this BEFORE you really need to depend upon your light.  Whatever your book or music reading needs, we have the right light for you.  Read on...

XtraFlex2 LED Book Light

Our XtraFlex2 is among the first LED clip-on book lights that actually puts out enough light to read comfortably.  It attaches firmly to any of our book holders, or to any hard cover book, most book stands or even a music stand.  It's a great value, and it can also serve as a task lamp, craft light, or even portable podium or desk lamp.  An optional A/C adapter is available, and it runs on 3 AAA batteries, not included.  Best of all, its LED light source never needs changing!  This handy accessory is a great help for every reader!  Click here for complete details 

XtraFlex Duet2 LED Book & Music Lights

The XtraFlex Duet2 places two Super LEDs on each of two separate goosenecks, allowing you to point each light head independently exactly where you need it.  Originally designed as a clip-on light for musicians, it's equally great for larger reading material like really large books, magazines, newspapers, etc.  It's a great value, and its LED light source is rated at over 30,000 hours.  It can also do double duty as a convenient traveling desk or task lamp and provides excellent light for reading.  A convenient switch allows either head to burn 1 or 2 Super LEDs for great control. Either runs on 3 AAA batterers, not included.  An A/C adapter is available for the Duet2 and it's a great choice for a multi-duty reading or task light.  Click here for complete details

Super GigLight LED Music & Book Lights

Our battery or optionally A/C powered Super GigLight attaches firmly to any of our Book Holders, to any hard cover book, and to virtually any music stand or rack.  The Super GigLight provides a clean, full-spectrum sun-light adjusted light that shines brighter than any other of our clip-on lights.  It's very rugged, comes with a handy carrying pouch, and features a long lasting multi-LED light source that's bright enough to light an entire music stand or both sides of a choral music folder.  An A/C adapter is available and they can be powered by rechargeable batteries.  These high quality lights are a top choice by musicians who have to rely on their light in even the darkest venues and book readers who simply enjoy having the best and brightest.  Click here for more details 

Classic Clip-on Book Light (incandescent)

Our "Classic" Mighty Bright clip-on book light attaches firmly to any of our Book Holders, or to any hard cover book or music stand.  It's inexpensive, and it also makes a convenient traveling desk or task lamp and provides excellent light for reading.  An optional A/C adapter and spare bulbs are also available.   Click here for complete details

Book Holders You can Use Anywhere - Any Time!

Book holders come in a wide variety of styles and designs.  Whatever your reading habits, you'll find a book holder that will take your reading pleasure to even greater heights as you enjoy hands-free reading, freedom from neck and back strain and pain, and even improved posture.  Many designs can protect your books and some also protect your privacy.  Some people think book holders are just for people who have difficulty holding a book, but they quickly discover they never want to read without one again!  Whether on the train or bus, at home or at work, on vacation at the beach or just lounging around the house, you'll always prefer your book holder.  Check out all the designs, styles, colors, textures and patterns... there's one for every personality and style. 

Fold'N'Stow Book Holder
This easily adjustable, wire design book holder is a fantastic value and a boon to just about every reader.  Designed for both paperback and hard cover books, you can adjust the reading angle by raising or lowering the back bar.  You can adjust the holder for the size of your book by simply swinging the sides closer together or farther apart.  It folds flat for easy storage and traveling.  Finally, here is hands-free reading you can use on the go, around the house, at school, or just about anywhere there's a flat surface to set it on.  Click here for more details 

Levo Book Holder - Floor Stand
This is the ultimate book holder for use around the home or office, whether sitting in your favorite easy chair or even reading in bed.  The Levo Floor Stand Book Holder independently holds your book, even inverted, in just about any position you can imagine.  Just roll it close to you, position the bookboard where you want it, and enjoy reading your favorite book, magazine or even newspaper.  Click here for all the details

Levo Book Holder - Desk Model
The desk model of the Levo totally frees your desktop for things other than your book or other reading matter.  It's as adjustable as its floor stand sibling, but clips firmly to virtually any sturdy desk top.  Click here for more details

Vinyl Book Holders
On November 15, 2007, we introduced our OpenPage® line of book holders/book covers in three sizes designed to meet the needs of readers everywhere.  These vinyl-clad folding book holders feature spring steel inside and a read-through strap that keep your book open for easy one-handed or even hands-free reading.  Effectively, these ingenious covers turn your paperback books into hard covers, protecting your book and your privacy.  To check out the beautiful colors and styles in all three sizes, CLICK HERE.  

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